David Ghiyam  

Kabbalah ONE’s virtual courses are taught by one of the leading Kabbalah teachers in the world. For more than 15 years, David Ghiyam has been educating people around the globe about how to apply the lessons of Kabbalah to create lasting, real-life change.


“The difference between pain and joy is understanding why you are going through a particular challenge.”

– David Ghiyam

The Struggle of Our Shared Experience

David Ghiyam was first introduced to the study of Kabbalah as a teenager. As he grew up, his natural insightfulness and unrelenting desire to master the tools of Kabbalah helped him cope with numerous challenges.

Although David is, by all accounts, a successful, self-made millionaire who hit is first six-figures at the age of 15, he – like all of us – has encountered struggles in life that threatened his feelings of stability, safety, and happiness. 

While immersed in the highly demanding worlds of medicine and investment, David experienced a slew of financial and interpersonal challenges. 

Yet, throughout it all, David applied his understanding of Kabbalah to accomplish his heart’s intent. Not only did Kabbalah provide David with the answers to life’s questions, but it also gave him a simple and comprehensive path toward achieving the fulfillment he was after.

"This course is just amazing. It pushes us to work harder on our souls every day and it feels very good."

Priscila Ferrazoli

"This class has been life-changing for me. I will be eternally grateful to my friend who recommended this class to me. David is an amazing teacher and I’m so grateful that he did not run away from his calling of teaching these principles. He brings a level of clarity that resonates to the core."

Marie Meyer

"These are the most awesome lessons I have learned since I started studying Kabbalah 20 years ago. David gets right to the point, is sharp, and makes you want to listen again and again."

Priscila Ferrazoli

"This material answers so many questions and brings me so much clarity. Thank you!"

Trent Smith

Kabbalah Unites Us in Peaceful Strength

Today, David is on a mission to bring the wisdom of Kabbalah to as many people as possible. He is a catalyst for helping people see that abundance and fulfillment begin on the inside with a strong spiritual practice. 

With more than 15 years of experience teaching Kabbalah classes around the globe, David is recognized as one of the leading Kabbalah teachers in the world. His understanding of self-transformation and global change are what contribute to his tremendous success. 

As a full-time volunteer, David brings a unique and relatable method to the Kabbalah ONE course. We’re proud and honored to make his powerful course available to you today. We hope you experience the depth and power of Kabbalah to the fullest, as is David’s intention.

“Anxiety, worry, working harder, micromanaging, being a ‘control freak’ – these are all ways our students say they used to try to ensure their endeavors were successful. Kabbalah has allowed them to do away with those techniques and get even better results out of life.”

– David Ghiyam

What is Kabbalah?

For over 5,000 years, the teachings of Kabbalah have revealed universal, spiritual truths about the energetic structure of the Universe, our souls, and our life's true purpose. 

Kabbalah pre-dates modern religion, which makes it a beautiful tool to enrich the lives of spiritual, religious, and non-religious individuals, alike.