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David is back, now with the help of 4 other experienced Kabbalah teachers. Meet Eitan, Michael, Rachel and Marcus.

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Including advanced explorations of Tikkun, Kabbalistic Astrology, “The Four Phases,” proactive confrontation and interpersonal relationships.


The study of Kabbalah explains the DNA of the Soul. The word Kabbalah means “to receive.” Kabbalists teach that every human being was created to receive complete joy and fulfillment and learn how to share it with others. The Kabbalah One course distills ancient mystical wisdom, previously protected for thousands of years, into practical and approachable concepts and tools that will transform your understanding of the Universe and your purpose in it.

Meet your Kabbalah TWO Instructors

David Ghiyam

David Ghiyam, your Kabbalah TWO course teacher, was introduced to the study of Kabbalah in his teens. David not only found the answers to life’s questions, but a simple and comprehensive path toward achieving the fulfillment he was after. He’s been a kabbalah teacher for more than 15 years and is respected for his relatable and insightful approach to sharing this wisdom while helping his students to implement the tools into their lives. Through his work, David has become a catalyst for the personal transformation of thousands of students around the world and he’s excited to share this experience with you.

Rachel Auerbach

Rachel Auerbach has been studying and teaching Kabbalah for more than 15 years. After working in the business world, Rachel became a teacher with a focus of spreading the spiritual wisdom among children and new students through her relatable and down-to-earth approach. Rachel draws insights and motivation from her personal experiences and enjoys focusing her efforts on teaching women how to embrace their spiritual power. As one of your Kabbalah TWO teachers, she is excited to join and support you as your spiritual journey goes deeper.

Eitan Yardeni

Eitan Yardeni has been studying the teachings of Kabbalah for more than 30 years. As one of your Kabbalah TWO course teachers, Eitan lends his depth of wisdom and immense experience of applying the teachings to every facet of life. He is well respected and sought-out the world over for his passionate teachings and deep understanding, all shared with warmth from his heart. Eitan found direction and purpose within the teachings, making a dramatic positive impact on his view of life and through his leadership, he has helped to make equally impactful shifts in the lives of countless students around the world.

Michael Moskowitz

Michael Moskowitz has been teaching students for 25 of the 35 years he’s been studying Kabbalah. As a successful business owner, Michael lends a practical and worldly perspective to his teaching experiences. Michael is noted for his integration of the kabbalistic principles into the real-world obstacles and considerations that both he and his students face in their spiritual practice. As one of your Kabbalah TWO teachers, he looks forward to bringing his specialization of harmonizing the spiritual concepts within your daily lifestyle, which has helped his many students over the years achieve more seamless, successful and joyful lives.

Marcus Weston

Coming from the world of international finance, Marcus Weston successfully integrated spiritual concepts into his business while studying Kabbalah. In seeing the positive impact the core spiritual values can have in one’s career, he began to devote his life to teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah. For more than 15 years, Marcus has worked with students from around the world with a focus on integrating the wisdom and tools of Kabbalah to career, business and leadership. As one of your Kabbalah TWO teachers, Marcus looks forward to supporting you in applying what you’ve learned to your professional life and supporting your leadership qualities to make the impact your soul is meant to in our world.


$150 / Full Course


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